DoubleBase DoubleBase Emollient Bath Additive 500ml

Code: DoubleBase Emollient Bath Additive 500ml
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Doublebase Emollient Bath Additive is a skin treatment for you to add to your bath water when bathing. 

It acts as a highly moisturizing and protective hydrating gel for regular and frequent use in the management of dry or chapped skin conditions which may become itchy or inflamed. The unique formulation will soften, moisturise and protect your skin by trapping moisture in the skin and restoring normal protective function of the skin layer.   

This product is intended to be a soap substitute and is suitable for all age groups that suffer skin conditions. 


How to use this product?

For adults, children and the elderly:

• Shake the bottle before use.

• Add approximately 15 to 20 ml (11 ⁄2 to 2 inner capfuls) to a normal-sized bath filled with water to a depth of roughly 20 cm (8 inches).

• Get into the bath and cover the affected areas of skin with the bath water. • Soak for 10 to 20 minutes. • Pat the skin dry with a soft towel.

• Avoid rubbing with the towel because this makes dry skin conditions worse.

For babies and children:

• Shake the bottle before use.

• Add approximately 5 to 10 ml ( 1 ⁄2 to 1 inner capful) to a small bath of water or wash basin.

• Submerge the affected areas of skin. • Soak for 10 to 20 minutes. • Alternatively, repeatedly sponge the water over the affected skin areas.

• Pat the skin dry with a soft towel.

• Avoid rubbing with the towel because this makes dry skin conditions worse.

You may prefer to use your normal soap as well as Doublebase Emollient Bath Additive when bathing. As a general rule, however, the use of normal soaps and foaming bath products (even those labelled “moisturising”) is best avoided, or at least kept to a minimum. Ideally, a fragrance-free emollient “soap substitute” should be used instead, despite the fact that this type of product does not foam or lather. 

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